Catch A Lift

Catch A Lift FundCATCH A LIFT (“CAL”) is a non-profit organization that assists wounded service members from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars with starting their healing process and maintaining their mental and physical health through physical fitness. CAL provides gifted gym memberships or in-home gym equipment to wounded post 9-11 veterans anywhere in the United States.

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Here’s a little about Chris Coffland who provided the inspiration for this memorial fund: - Chris Coffland 1966-2009

Excerpts from an article by: Childs Walker in the Baltimore Sun 2009

To understand why the 43-year-old Baltimore native ended up killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan last week, it is important to understand that quality above all. Because settling was never in his marrow, Coffland joined the Army as an intelligence specialist at an age when most men are working 9-to-5 and driving the kids to school.

Coffland’s biography suggests a man auditioning to become the next Indiana Jones: Playing professional football in Finland. Hunting crocodiles by night with the Pygmies of Gabon, Africa. Making men 20 years his junior look like slugs in Army boot camp. Coffland lived those and dozens of other adventures.

He did not bounce from job to job and country to country because he lacked purpose, loved ones said. In fact, he often moved to the next thing because no vocation made him feel he was doing enough for the greater good.

“He didn’t care about success in the conventional sense,” said his Gilman School classmate and longtime friend Dan Miller. “He had to find something that would be consistent with the purest expression of his spirit.”

Coffland watched as his friends married, had children and settled into prosperous careers. He knew they and his parents wanted the same for him.

“He respected his friends, adored them,” said his sister and closest friend, Lynn Coffland. “But he could not settle for what was not in his heart.”

“Chris had a bear inside of him that growled from time to time and compelled him to the next place,” said Mike McGrann, who became Coffland’s friend when they were the only two Americans playing football on the Helsinki Falcons.

Chris Coffland

Chris won’t be forgotten.





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